Rachmaninoff's Vocalise for Woodwind Quintet


This week featured one of the most beloved pieces "Vocalise" by Rachmaninoff.   The composer

composed and published the work in 1915 as the last of his 14 Songs or 14 Romances, Op.34 for high voice with piano accompaniment, it contains no words, but is sung using only one vowel as for singers to vocalise.  Although the original version was for voice, there had been many transcriptions for different instruments such as violin, cello, clarinet, saxophone, chamber music or even orchestra.  In this version, Chaipruck Mekara transcribed the piece for Woodwind Quintet music. The chamber consist of Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, F. Horn and Bassoon.  The transcription starts the first section with the longing sound of Oboe following by the bright beautiful sound of Flute.  The middle section, Clarinet took over the wonderful melodic line throughout and the piece ended with the duet between Oboe and Flute. The piece would not be perfect without the supporting lyrical and counterpoint lines of F. Horn and Bassoon. 

There are other versions of the composition as well such as Clarinet Quintet (3Bb+Bass) alto 3Altos+Bass), Trombone Quintet.  Mekara also made the transcription for duets: Clarinet Duet, Flute and Clarinet duet, Oboe and Clarinet duet, Oboe and Bassoon duet, Alto Sax and Tenor sax duet and more. 

Wind Quintet sheet music for Woodwind Quintet Chamber music without piano. Clarinet sheet music. Flute sheet music. Oboe sheet music. 

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