Franz Schubert's Lied "Erlkönig, Op.1 D328" for Woodwind Quintet and Piano


This week feature a wonderful repertoire, Erlkönig, Op.1 D328, a Lied composed by Franz Schubert for solo Voice and Piano. Lyrics by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The song is about the story of a father who was taking his ill son on a horse to a doctor in the middle of the stormy night. On the way, his son was seduced and eventually taken by the Erlking. 

The singer sings for all four characters- the narrator, the father, the son, and the Erlking.  Each character was separated by the registers of the singer.

Chaipruck Mekara arranged the piece fo Woodwind Quintet (Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, F. Horn and Bassoon) and Piano. Mekara replicated each character by different instrument's registers and colors to be true to each character with the piano provided the sound of the horse running in the stormy and windy night (Chamber music with Piano).

Mekara also made arrangement for different versions, such as Clarinet and Piano sheet music, Clarinet Quartet and Piano sheet music, Trombone Quartet and Piano sheet music, Sax Quartet (SATB and AATT) and Piano sheet music, Sax and Piano sheet music.

Listen to the piece:

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