How to play glissando or portamento on clarinet


How to play glissando or portamento on the Clarinet:

Glissando is a discrete portamento whereas portamento is a continuous glissando. The technique is one of the most well known clarinet techniques.  Many composers or arrangers cooperate the unique sound into their works such as chamber music: clarinet quintet, clarinet quartet, clarinet duet, clarinet chamber music or clarinet solo as well as the clarinet part in Concert band music, Symphonic wind music, Pop orchestra and Symphony orchestra.  You can find the technique in many of these sheet music.

In this video, I show how to play glissando or portamento on the Clarinet in 3 easy steps. With the opening excerpt of the Rhapsody in Blue by Sir George Gershwin as example. If you have questions, you may send me a message via my contact information.



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