How to play Pitch Bending on Clarinet: Excerpt Kohán - Konzertstück á la Feidman


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How to play Pitch Bending on Clarinet: (with video)

A pitch bend is a music effect on where one note will slide to another note.  This clarinet technique is widely used in many style of music, specially Jazz.  However, many of the contemporary classical music number of composers also love to cooperate this flashy and fun technique in their works.  In Klezmer music also use this charming sound to make the piece unique. The technique also appear in many works on this website, such as kheak rumwong for clarinet quartet, clarinet quintet, woodwind quartet, sax quartet as well as string quartet. Also in Biker girl for brass quintet low brass ensemble, clarinet quintet and sax quartet.  The arranger also uses this technique in one of the most popular BTS song, dynamite for clarinet ensemble, flute ensemble, sax quartet as well as clarinet and piano sheet music, sax and piano sheet music, flute and piano sheet music

In this video, I will show how to play pitch bending on the Clarinet in 3 easy steps. With the opening excerpt of the István Kohán - Konzertstück á la Feidman as example.


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